Eleanor Hayward RMT, YOUR Massage Therapist

Massage with Love
Eleanor Hayward RMT has been a regulated health professional in Halton Region for more than a decade. She prides herself on quality customer service, contributing to the professional yet compassionate atmosphere at Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre. She believes healing is an art form, flowing with the individual space and experience of her patient that day.

Primarily patients are assessed and with their goals in mind, a treatment plan is created. Massage Therapy takes your history, posture, gait, range of movement, daily activities and ergonomics, aggravating and alleviating factors in mind, while applying manual tools, usually the therapists’ fingers, hands, forearms and elbows, to your physical body with intention of decreasing tension and adhesions, stimulating stamina, encouraging alignment and healthy flow with relaxing sedation.

Secondarily Eleanor encourages self-care, educating and empowering her patients with resources and tools, while providing experienced hands-on treatment to facilitate healing of the physical body and soothe mind heart and spirit. Her aim is to have you leaving better than when you arrived, receiving the value of relaxation, pain relief, improved range of motion, enhanced vitality and more for your financial investment.

Eleanor will suggest a course of treatment to address your case, understanding your visits will likely be determined by a variety of factors including insurance benefits, income and time availability. She understands for many it is easier to comprehend and schedule maintenance service for your vehicle or your child than it is for yourself. However she maintains if you are motivated by wellness so quality of life is reinforced, schedule space ahead for regular health maintenance services as physical performance is more continual with momentum.
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It is her honour to be your chosen regulated health professional, with trust and integrity underlining your massage treatments.