Energy Healing Method – Sedating Your Triple Warmer

Understanding Healthy Energies

Subtle Energy, thousand or more years ago, traveled anywhere in and around our body and was directed by our thoughts and our intentions. Over time, this energy started to travel in specific paths and began to be more formed and mapped in the body’s energy field. These specific paths were organized to specific organ centers and when one path ended, another began. There are fourteen known organ specific paths of energy in our bodies today called Meridians but there is also energy that flows without paths called Strange Flows. Strange Flow is subtle energy and is still directed by our thoughts but is more diffused energy than energy specific roadways or Meridians. Energy in the Meridian system is more concentrated and they are the transporters to targeted areas of the body. Specific energy roadways that run through the body are created as a polarity pairs – yin/yang, male/female, or fear/trust. All fourteen meridian roadways have a polarity opposite: example of the triple warmer meridian that regulates the flight, fight, freeze response (yang/masculine) with the polarity opposite spleen meridian that regulates the strange flows/immune response (yin/feminine).

This over-energized triple warmer meridian, over years, depleted the strange flow energy from the spleen meridian. This imbalance created a suppressed immune system which can lead to illness in the body. I have learned, since then, to rebalance this system through energy healing techniques which included energy based psychology.

Sedating Your Triple Warmer

The triple warmer meridian networks information to all the meridians and the organs they serve. In the states of fight-or-flight or when you become angry, heat and energy rise in the body in preparation for battle. One of the most difficult challenges for this response is distinguishing between friend and foe. Over time, if your body’s programming has developed a pattern, the triple warmer is in the constant function of overprotection. In autoimmune disorders, an over activated triple warmer fights its allies. This can exhaust the body and cause various symptoms such as anxiety, fatigue, spleen deficiency, arthritis, lupus, Crohn’s disease and multiple sclerosis.

Sedating the triple warmer daily for 7 weeks will reprogram the body to a new way of peace and harmony. You will notice a remarkable difference in your health for both your body and mind. This routine will help to give the message that it is safe now and the emergency has passed.

Routine: Doesn’t matter which side of the body you do begin with (total time – 5minutes)

1. Place your left hand just below the left knee
2. At the same time, take the right hand and place it above the left elbow
3. Hold for 2 minutes and then switch to the opposite side of the body.

After both sides of the body are complete for the first stage (1-3),

4. Place your left hand on the outside of the left foot (at the indent near the top of the foot)
5. At the same time, place the fingers of the right hand and place them at the bottom of the baby and ring finger
6. Hold for 30 seconds and then switch to the opposite side of the body.

(Having technical difficulties posting example photos, hopefully to follow soon :)

Contributed by Ms. Shelley Elliot