For your Holistic WELLNESS with The Love Your Vibe Transformation

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Happy New Year!

Blessings to you and yours to manifest health, love & light through 2021, and beyond!

For the past 18 years I’m sincerely grateful you’ve trusted me to support your physical wellness Now I’m thrilled to present the opportunity to support your mental, emotional & spiritual wellness with The Love Your Vibe Transformation

Were you able to tune into the Miracle Mindset Invitation Dec 17-21?

If you missed it, the complimentary Playbook and accompanying video-replays with a powerful sample of the simple, yet effective, transformational teachings & tools of our Beta-Bundle are still available from the Retreat & Recreate to Evolve & Elevate Facebook Group

Each and every day, our Team provides free Insight & Inspiration! Our juicy, vulnerable, funny & touching Miracle Mindset tips are intended to serve your personal development journey, so you’re invited to stay connected!

Co-created for your inner reflection & healing, the feedback to the event and downloadable Playbook was simply stellar!!

Eleanor is a very skilled facilitator who knows her stuff. I have attended many types of training over the years and have been a trainer myself. I have very high expectations when I observe a session, and Eleanor exceeded all of them. She is a great communicator whose presence transcends the online platform and connects with her audience. I could listen to her for hours. Authentic and personable.” –Scott McLaughlin

A 6-Month Group Mentorship Program

Do you find you are merely surviving in any of this “Crap Magnet” quicksand?

Feeling lost and unsure of your purpose?

Pointing fingers with resentment or judgement?

Wondering what it really takes to get off the hamster wheel?

We’d LOVE to show you our SOULutions for thriving as a “Miracle Magnet”! Imagine instead you:

Peel back the crap to reveal your joyous and true self!

Identify different actions you can take to get better results!

Align with the Miracle Life you want and create more of everything you desire & deserve!

In this life-changing program, you will:

  • Grow a deeper sense of security and become more confident
  • Love and accept yourself where you are
  • Reconnect to your inner child’s desires (Hint: this is where you discover your purpose)
Feeling Safe, Seen, Celebrated & Supported in Community is KEY to becoming a Miracle Magnet for life!
Learn more about how The Love Your Vibe Transformation 
6-Month Group Mentorship Program Beta-Bundle
can serve your next phase of self growth
It was a tumultuous year, very stressful for many, please let me how you’re keeping? If you need a trusted local referral for the continuation of your care with Massage Therapy, let me know. I’d love to hear from you!I am genuinely blessed and privileged to have served as your Holistic Practitioner all these years, THANK YOU 

Blessed be with love & light for miracles & magic,
Eleanor Hayward

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