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In today’s busy world, we are often overwhelmed with physical, emotional & mental stress. The human body has an incredible ability to heal and regenerate itself under the right conditions. Human touch offers comfort, compassion and proven results in all our stages of growth and development. Physical touch is a basic need in addition to food, water & shelter, and plays a big part in our emotional & social well-being too. A physical area which is tender to touch is generally an area where your body is holding tension and stress, and even gentle manipulation can achieve results.

Our spouse is often the person closest to us, and intimacy is a key part of relationships. When we can effectively share and communicate our needs, we become closer and stronger. Kind and gentle touch can facilitate healing and well being; when shared with a partner, I think you will agree this will help any relationship!

Eleanor Hayward RMT has 9 years of experience as a trained health professional in Halton, and is an avid student of spiritual and self development. She is passionate about helping others to help themselves. Introduction to Massage for Couples will provide basic Swedish massage techniques for relaxation and comfort, and an opportunity to communicate with your partner facilitated by a compassionate guide. Learn how to help your mate relax and feel better!

Please contact us to request your 3 hour workshop date and time!

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