Massage Therapy For Back To School

Back to school means back to usual routine! Many students in the 21st century experience adult levels of stress—academics, family, social life, volunteer work, along with extra-curriculum activities and athletics make for a full schedule! Parents and teens alike can benefit from the relaxing effects of time invested in massage therapy. With every day running around, especially extended time studying at a desk, working on a computer, and browsing mobile devices, our bodies will compensate; muscles in the neck, shoulders, back, chest and arms can hold tension leading to stiffness, soreness, tenderness, decreased range of motion, headaches, pain and even numbness or tingling.

Massage Therapy contributes to preventive health strategies, as well as treatment-based injury recovery programs. With a hands-on approach, massage facilitates blood and lymph circulation stimulating healing within soft tissues, as well as increasing relaxation, improving sleep, while increasing flexibility and enhancing well-being, year-round! It’s much easier to focus on school work and enjoying life in general when you’re feeling your best.

Students often qualify for reimbursement of Registered Massage Therapy services under their parents’ extended health insurance benefit plans. Help your children and young adults to be their best; encourage them to consider their long-term health care by incorporating massage therapy. It complements every lifestyle!

~Eleanor Hayward RMT, Holistic Practitioner