Pure Essential Oils used in Aromatherapy

Essential oils are non-greasy, highly volatile, meaning that the oils evaporate leaving no trace, and are inflammable. Each essential oil has its own many separate components.

The purity of the essential oils is very important in using them therapeutically. Without buying from a reputable company you risk buying adulterated or very poor quality oils. Factors that could affect the quality of essential oils are as simple as the type of soil, climate, chemicals and any variations while growing the plants. Some companies adulterate their oils by adding other substances whether they are natural or not.

A good way to tell if the oils are pure 100% therapeutic grade is to read the labels and watch the prices. Here are some guidelines to follow for purchasing proper oils and all Certified Aromatherapists should follow:

1) Labels should say 100% essential oil. However this is not enough. It should also state the botanical name of the essential oil such as: German Chamomile – Matricaria recutita. The more information provided such as the family name, origin, and even suggestions on use also can be an indicator for a better oil.

2) Prices should never be similar or the same with each essential oil. A good example is oils like rose, neroli and jasmine. These oils are always more expensive and considerably higher in price.

3) If you find the oils are being displayed near heat, sunlight, or in clear bottles, NEVER buy them. Essential oils need to be stored in a dark cool place but not a refrigerator. Also make sure the bottle is sealed as oxygen can change the chemicals in the oil as will touching the dropper or lid to the skin.

4) Once you have started to smell the 100% therapeutic grade oils you will notice the difference between an adulterated, perfumed, or poor quality oil to a good one.

5) Test the oil with a drop on a tissue and let it dry. It will evaporate and if there is a greasy stain, it is not pure. However dark oils and resins will stain.

Quality grade essential oils can always be purchased through Balancing Touches if you desire specific ones. Balancing Touches has many reputable source companies. Remember if purchasing oils online, read about the company and their statements regarding their products. “100% therapeutic grade” is the key phrase.

~Submitted by Melannya Mychajlowska of Balancing Touches

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