New Service! The Love Your Vibe Transformation by Eleanor Hayward


The Love Your Vibe Transformation by Eleanor Hayward

The Love Your Vibe Transformation is a unique personal development system to serve those who truly need HIT’s (Hope, Inspiration & Tools):

To help them out of the dark ⭐️
To find the inner light in a beautiful year-long vessel where all are safe, seen, celebrated and supported in beautiful community 💞
Where inner growth can take place!

Step 1: The VIP Mindset Reset Online by Elvira V. Hopper Coaching, the course teaching an evolutionary holistic system that has saved lives & helps achieve dreams 💻

Step 2: The transformational teachings & tools are integrated in year-long ‘Miracle Mindset Masterminds’ program where Lightworker Leaders, including Eleanor, create beautiful community and together step into your best & most authentic life 💫

Step 3: A powerful 24/7 Membership site to lovingly support the global tribe! Elvira provides 1:1 Coaching, Inspirational Speaking & Artistic Healing (jazz, sound healing & jewelry design), running global retreats 🌎

Are you ready for a #NewDecadeNewYou with #2020Vision?
Get started today to Love Your Vibe💖