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Eleanor Hayward RMT, Holistic Health PractitionerEnjoy Registered Massage Therapy with integrated Usui Reiki energy healing in Burlington Ontario Canada. Hands-on care with empowerment coaching. Connect with your inner self and experience harmony with Dynamic Balance Holistic Healing.

Meet Eleanor Hayward RMT, Holistic Health Practitioner

Dynamic Balance is her unique approach to your wellness. Services create opportunity for your body heart and mind to heal through a blend of spirit and natural science. This helps to integrate your past, affect your present and change your future!

Burlington Traditional Swedish massage therapyPracticing from Be Yoga & Wellness, she offers traditional Swedish massage therapy, techniques including deep tissue therapeutic, superficial relaxation, connective fascial tissue, lymphatic drainage, and sports massage upon preference.

Today many of our health problems arise from stress upsetting our body system function. A healthy balance can be regained with a holistic approach, incorporating manual therapies.

The human body has an incredible ability to heal and regenerate itself given the right conditions. Human touch offers comfort, compassion and proven results in all our stages of growth and development. Physical touch is a basic need in addition to food, water & shelter, playing a big part of our emotional & social well-being too. An area which is tender to touch is generally an area where your body is holding tension and stress, and even gentle manipulation can achieve results.

Benefits of massage include improved blood & lymph circulationBenefits of massage include improved blood & lymph circulation, range of motion, rest & relaxation and overall wellness.

Eleanor's passion is to facilitate your ongoing healing and empowerment!

Your self-care and awareness education is encouraged - so that you may be better prepared to help yourself. Treatment is wonderful, yet prevention is key.

Start feeling better in every area of your life! Visit the services page for more information about how Eleanor's Massage Therapy and value-added Holistic Healing modalities facilitate Your Dynamic Balance!

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