A note from my colleague Jen Lyall for your opportunity:

Dear Friends,

I’m pleased to announce that I completed the first Your Soul Connection training program last weekend! Four amazing individuals are learning how to do this work. One of the steps to becoming a practitioner, is that they must conduct a 25 person case study.

Please share this with anyone you know who may be interested in experiencing Your Soul Connection. They will be completing their case studies in the next 2-3 months. These individuals are based in the Oakville-Milton-Burlington areas.

Anyone who is interested in volunteering, should contact me and I will forward your information on to the individuals conducting the case studies:

Jennifer Lyall



I’m so excited!!!!

Here are the details about what is involved with being a participant:

A 2-3 hour session that includes a check in, 1-1/2 hours energy work, clearing karmic blocks in the auric layer and in the physical body, and a guided meditation. We wrap-up with an exchange of feedback and I provide you with a “Spiritual Prescription” of work for you to consider doing to support you on your path. All participants are asked to write in a Soul Connection journal the day following our appointment and once a week for 4 weeks (this only takes about 5 minutes). There is a 30-45 minute wrap-up meeting one month after your session where I collect the journal and get an understanding on how/if you noticed that the process has had an impact on your life.

You can find more information including feedback from others on my website: www.yoursoulconnection.ca

Ideal participants:

men/women 18+

spiritual/energy practitioners or individuals who are on their soul’s path

living/working in Oakville, Burlington, Milton or Hamilton (but can do elsewhere remotely via Skype)

People who are ready to accelerate on their path.

Time Commitment:

3 hours for session and getting to know you conversation

completing “Soul Connection Journal” 5 x over 4 weeks ( this includes rating how you feel in 4 areas of you life and writing a couple of sentences about each area)

30-45 minute wrap-up meeting to collect soul journal and review your experience and feedback (in person or on the phone/Skype)


Loving divine energy :) and more..

Thank you for your consideration!!

~with love, kindness and eternal blessings~

Jennifer Lyall