Holistic Acupressure Massage

Integrated into your holistic massage may be acupressure-tapping. These hands-on modalities help break associations and facilitate your evolution as a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being, so you may become more yourself to fulfill your potential. An “I’m fine, life happens but I cope and get through it. I don’t need any help” attitude is common from a conscious mind perspective, though this isn’t necessarily true on deeper subconscious levels.

Many of us are programmed with negative belief patterns by authority figures either intentionally or carelessly, along with experiences which could not be helped; Traumas, abuses, and neglects. This is our perspective and frame of reference of how life in reality is, creating associations for the future. Thoughts are energy, which lend intent and mass to our words, deeds, and life in general. Most everyone carries weight of broken relationships, guilt, blame, phobias, and emotional scars or mental discriminations in one manner or another. These things create stress in our lives whether we realize it or not, manifesting as physical illness or injury by ripple effect, karma, law of attraction.

It is never too late to move forwards and seek a true higher path for yourself, better able to offer love and gratitude for positivity, appreciation of beauty and synchronicity in the Universe. Change can be difficult, but my hands and these effective techniques make it easier, lighter, and worth it. Make a shift with new positive energy patterns and circuits in your mind and body!

~Eleanor Hayward RMT

Feel light and free!

Artwork courtesy of Josephine Wall