How does Massage Therapy compliment my fitness workout?

With physical activity, our bodies naturally produce lactic acid which may cause that day-or-two-after-workout ache and stiffness. Lactic acid and other toxins we accumulate stagnate over time, settling in our muscles and connective tissues. This decreases circulation and flexibility, likely causes pain, and also increases weakness and risk of injury.

Good news is there’s help! For treatment of previous injuries and prevention moving forwards, Massage Therapy naturally stimulates circulation and encourages our bodies to detox, increase range of motion, decrease pain and improve performance! Stretching, taking Epsom salts baths, and keeping well hydrated also compliment a healthy workout routine.

Dynamic Balance offers Fitness, Etc. members 8 years of Registered Massage Therapy experience. Holistic Healing approaches your physical body as part of a whole, acknowledging emotional mental and spiritual components to your wellness. Reiki and other techniques provide value-added services to compliment your treatment and improve your response to life’s stresses. Treatment is covered by many extended health care benefit plans. Call 416.275.3011 to book your appointment today!

~Eleanor Hayward RMT