Massage Therapy & Kidney Health

Most people think of massage therapy as being specifically helpful to soft tissue, however treatment does contribute to overall organ health and well being. Massage therapists are trained to analyze a completed health history form, perform an assessment to make sure treatment is tailored to each patient.

For example, when low to mid back pain presents, the therapist will determine if physical activity or trauma is responsible, though if accompanied by recent fever and history of urinary tract difficulties, a kidney issue is indicated and a referral will be made to a medical doctor. If acute kidney conditions including nephritis (inflammation), stones or cysts are present, local massage treatment is contraindicated. However systemic lymphatic treatment may help swelling, and increase overall relaxation.

Kidney health is at risk with diabetes, and relaxation is of great benefit to anyone managing the physical and mental stress of chronic disease as they take a toll upon the entire body. Calming the nervous system brings ease to the patient, allowing better restoration of harmonic organ balance. Massage assists the urinary system by increasing efficiency of the liver and kidneys. Massage therapy has been also been shown to aid hypertension – one of the most prominent forecasters of cardiovascular issues including stroke, heart disease and kidney failure. Drink plenty of fresh pure water to facilitate your body’s natural processes, especially after a massage treatment.

~Eleanor Hayward RMT