RMT Service Update June 2020

Summer Greetings,

Thank you for your patience in receiving the delayed delivery of this essential contact to you, my valued patients, during my time of personal and professional challenges due to the pandemic situation.

At this time you may have already been made aware of the Minister of Health stating that Health Care Professionals are allowed to open up business again. As of today, I cannot in good consciousness confirm an opening date, but will inform you when there is one.

If you require urgent-care in the meanwhile, please reach out and I will reply with a trusted referral to an operating RMT in your area.

As an independently-operating health professional, I am keenly conscious of the serious implications of infection with COVID19. It is my number-one priority to safe-guard my patients with the highest level of care.

Based from a mandate-closed fitness-facility, there are many factors to consider. I will not settle for less than being at my best, and having everything required in place. I owe that to you above everything else, and I thank you again for your patience.

Massage Therapy is Governed by the CMTO, and they have released their updated mandate for therapists to follow. RMT’s can gradually restart practice, prioritizing essential care needs, at this time. There is extensive guidance to what this means, which must be followed to ensure the health & safety of all.

With that; there are some changes that will be coming into effect, and updated when I can. To give you an idea of what my practice will look like upon return, please see the image below:



Please rest assured, I am planning and preparing to return to RMT services for your personal-care provision as soon as possible.

I encourage you to add eleanor@yourdynamicbalance.com to your address book to ensure my messages reach your inbox, rather than your promotions folder.

Eleanor Hayward RMT
Holistic Health Practitioner

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