Holistic Healing & Reiki Massage Services

Enhance your healing with massage therapy Dynamic Balance provides Holistic Healing services in Halton & Hamilton Region, Ontario, plus global appointments are available virtually!

Dynamic Balance incorporates Reiki Massage with the value-added complementary holistic healing techniques including body-mind-spirit acupressure tapping to promote wellness of your entire being.

Our Services include:

Combined these modalities enhance the effect of your treatment for synergistic benefits. You may be mentored and encouraged to reach for your potential, for when we shift our minds, focus, perspective and attitude, our whole world changes too. Actively shifting towards positivity, optimism, tolerance and cooperation decreases stress on all levels, which in turn benefits the well-being of those surrounding us.  Our bodies and environments are electro-magnetic energy in motion!

Healing Hands with Reiki

Healing Hands with Reiki

We may harness change, conquer fear, and transform our lives, more easily than you may think. Will power is the key to altering our life journey for the better, especially if motivation and intention for the highest good of all involved.

Integration of holistic practices boosts positive mentality, enlightens emotion, facilitating healthy feelings in your physical body.

This integration assists with making changes inside, so our outer life and reality reflects our new inner vision by addressing needs of the human body as an energetic being. Our universal atmosphere is fluid, changing, and ever dynamic.

If you are ready and willing to take the next step of evolution in your life, you are invited to contact Dynamic Balance today!

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