Holistic Massage

Eleanor Hayward integrates Swedish treatment with Reiki, “the Universal life-force energy” and acupressure-tapping for your signature, therapeutic hands-on-healing session.

Your Dynamic Balance is a passive approach to your well-being, which stimulates your circulation, Massage with Lovedecreases systemic tension and increases vitality. Essential oils & crystal gemstones are included to enhance your experience and comfort. Intuitive messages often come through, as a value added bonus, to support your spiritual and personal evolution with ease & grace. 

$150 for 90 minutes inc. HST, set-up in your home, assessment, treatment; available in the western  GTHA by referral only, additional travel fee may apply.

Reiki Crystals

Reiki Crystals

Eleanor Hayward continually updates her practice knowledge and experience with continuing education.  She has attended workshops in traditional acupressure and Zone Therapy Facial Reflexology along with a more extensive Energy Psychology diploma, learning therapeutic energy-based methods including acupressure tapping which utilize physical touch to deepen your healing at the root of dis-ease.

Acupressure is the practice of using gentle-to-firm pressure on key points, facilitating the body’s natural self-healing ability by stimulating and balancing subtle Qi hands of light(Chi, Ki) energy flow. This holistic treatment addresses wellness on physical, emotional, mental & spiritual levels which are interconnected.

From everyday life events to more significant trauma, muscles will contract and stiffen to protect and shield us. For example some people who are stressed will notice tension elevating their shoulders up towards their ears. This tension prevents energy from freely flowing through the body leading to various physical and emotional imbalances. If we do not address and release upset feelings they may become stored in physical tissues, resurfacing at a later time. In our Western culture we are often told to ‘get over it’ but we’re not readily equipped with tools to effectively acknowledge and deal with our issues.

massageWhen someone is Aware and Cares to Share their thoughts & feelings during a session, acupressure tapping can be integrated into your massage with holistic mentorship. By massaging acupressure points while connecting with thoughts and feelings, the vital energy field is influenced, encouraging release and balance which can shift emotional & mental perspective. The patient’s comfort level is always held most important. 

Reiki Massage offers manual treatment of the physical body while supporting connections to heart, mind & spirit with Your Dynamic Balance. Self-awareness and development promotes relaxation, restoration and rejuvenation.

Acknowledge your past, affect your present and change your future!

In combination with will power, Reiki Massage can benefit:

  1. *depression
  2. *anxiety
  3. *anger
  4. *grief
  5. *relationship issues
  6. *stress
  7. *mood management
  8. *pain relief

Email: eleanor@yourdynamicbalance.com

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