Distance Healing & Intuitive Readings

Do you need support, yet not sure where to turn? I am blessed to hold space virtually, for your persDistance Reikional growth & wellness!

I feel honoured to share Reiki, the Universal life-force energy, with love & light for your highest good. From me, to you, from the comfort of home by phone or Zoom!

Relax & heal with a guided meditation, including personalized affirmations & self-acupressure tapping to optimize your energetic flow. Holistic practice is about addressing and caring for people & planet as One — physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. We are each connected body, mind, heart & soul, together in nature. How well connected are you within?divination card reading birthing a new age

I am intuitively gifted with vivid curiosity, empathetic clairsentience (clear feeling) & claircognizance (clear knowing). With decades of practice & general education, these skills combine into my superpower of emotional intelligence: to perceive a deeper truth for your consideration & integration.

Stimulate your inner awareness with a chakra reading for feedback on your energy signature. Divination cards and/or Rune Stones are drawn with intent; with my experienced sense of intuition, I will lend support to your questions and shine a light of insight & guidance for your personal reflection, so you may take aligned action towards your goals!

~Eleanor Hayward, Holistic Practitioner

Founder of Dynamic Balance Holistic Healing

Value of $100 inc. HST/1-hr; Bundle 3 sessions for $250 inc. HST

affirmation journal crystal 2021“Eleanor is intuitive and well equipped to help anybody with their issues, struggling to get to a better place. She is both caring and strong enough to handle any matter.” ~A. Levesque

“During my first, very interesting distance session, Eleanor was able to pick up on personal issues such as physical symptoms that I deal with. She provided some lovely, grounding affirmations as we went through our relaxing meditation. As I continue my daily meditation practice, I am much more mindful while going through each chakra, as our session provided much insight for me. I highly recommend Eleanor!” ~Justin Tesser

Email: eleanor@yourdynamicbalance.com

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